VMWare 5 Fusion for Mac Launches with "Metro" Support

Microsoft may be calling it "Modern UI" now, but the folks over at VMWare have not gotten the memo apparently. They are advertising VMWare 5 Fusion for Mac with support for running "the new Windows 8 Metro environment" on Macs running Mountain Lion. I wonder if we will be seeing Microsoft actively reaching out to software vendors to avoid the "Metro" terminology. If you ask me, Microsoft's last minute change put some developers between a rock and a hard place. Developers want to tout "Metro" because it is the term that people know. If they tout "Modern UI" it does not resonate with their customers as something they want to run out and get. It simply sounds like their old user interface was antiquated and the new one is "modern". In the case of VMWare Fusion, obviously they are not running as a "Metro/Modern" app, but rather they are touting the ability to use "Metro" on your Mac through their virtualization software. I think software vendors might adopt the "formerly known as Metro" suffix to "Modern" in the short term.