Hey, you. Yeah you. The one with the sparkly eyes and the know-it-all grin. How are you doing? Having a good day? Here in New York those of us with a keen sense of smell have noted a distinct hint of autumn in the air, and there's been a resulting spring in our steps. You know what we mean, right? Sure. You'll hear it, too, in the musical lilt of Paul Miller's de-internetted voice, and the howl of indignation in Nilay Patel's poetic love songs in the key of Samsung and Apple. And Josh? Well, Josh is just one man. And sometimes one man is all you need. But not today. Today, you need three. And they're on their way, but will likely be roughly 20 minutes late. See you there, at the dance we call The Vergecast.

There will be news.*

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*Technically, there probably won't be news, although news will be discussed. You've been warned.

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