If recent rumors are to be believed, Sony is gearing up to announce its first 4K TV this year — an 84-inch, edge-lit LCD panel that would be its biggest to date. Citing an anonymous source, CNET reports the display will be unveiled at IFA 2012 (beginning next week) and have a "reimagined retro-style appearance with a modern twist." Given Sony’s aggressive push into 4K video cameras and home projectors (not to mention digital cinema projection), the move would be a natural fit, made even more plausible by recurring rumors of 4K support in its next PlayStation video came console.

On its surface, such an ambitious project would seem to contradict CEO Kazuo Hirai’s strategy of reducing Sony’s investment in an unprofitable TV business. But as he pointed out in a recent interview, Sony’s dissolution of partnerships with Samsung and Sharp free the company up to shop around for the best prices on the open market. Given that LG has already released its own 84-inch 4K panel in Korea, a Sony repackaging could certainly be a possibility.