What should I expect, mostly internet/censorship related, in China?

I've seen some people here comment on articles where so and so have been to China etc. so I was hoping I'd get some insight on this. Story is, I'm going to China for a 2-year exchange type deal in May, and I wanted to know how different things will be. I'm especially concerned about the websites I'll be able to (or more importantly, not able to) access. Facebook, Google, Outlook, any App Stores. How about things like music and movies? Any general info I could get on this would be great. Would I be able to get a cell phone plan with BBM?

More info: The University is Zhejhiang University in Hangzhou, if anyone has any information on that. I'd also be an hour and something of a train ride away from Shanghai (yay for bullet trains) so generally things to check out for there.