Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition .. PS3 & 360 announced


UK online retailer has placed PS3 and 360 versions of Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition on its site available for pre-order, even highlighting the game on it's main page.

Given that the DLC alone has been rumoured for £14.99/1600ms points, an extra 9 quid will get a boxed copy with the DLC and a copy of the original game, as with this week's PC version.

Zavvi states a release date of November 16th, which would mean 13th in the US.

I thought i'd tip the hat -and a few folks slavouring over the PC edition would be able to get excited for a retail edition as well.



I checked other sites, and whilst Amazon don't have a listing, Game and Gamestation have listed the title as well.

I've yet to see this mentioned anywhere, so I thought I'd tip the hat accordingly!

- CJ.