Which should be my next Mac?

Hello Apple Core,

The time has come to change my main machine. I currently own a fairly powerful Desktop Hackintosh and a 2010 MacBook Pro 13-inch. The main reason for this change is lack of space for a desktop computer and the need to have my main workstation with me. The only issue is that i play World of Warcraft and some casual Diablo/SC2(Yes only blizzard games :P). I also do some streaming on twitch as well as capture gameplay videos and edit them for Youtube as part of my gaming habit. Other than that i don't play any other games.

Currently budget wise, I'm looking at the Macbook Air (mid-2012) beefed out with 2GHz i7, 8GB of RAM. But I'm concerned that it will not be able to handle streaming while raiding. Now I have looked at the MacBook Pro with Retina display, and I am definately concidering it but in order to get it I would have to probably finance it.

My questions to you guys therefore are:

1. Do you own the latest MacBook Air, and if yes how is its overall gaming performance? I know its not a gaming machine but in my opinion every machine that can have a game installed is a potential gaming machine.

2. Have you ever attempted streaming or gameplay recording or even general movie editing on a MacBook Air and if yes, do you have any benchmarks or tips about it.

3. If I don't buy the MacBook Air, could you recommend a comparable laptop in the price range of 1200-1300 pounds ($1500-1600). That is light and good looking and would work for my specs.

Please do not reply with "Get a desktop" or any similar comments, size does matter!

Thanks guys!