The jury's final verdict form has been released in the Apple vs. Samsung case, and as you can see above it's a sea of "y" for "yes, it infringes" marks on a wide swath of Samsung's phones. Samsung did manage to avoid losing when it came to some of the patents put against its Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet, but it didn't win with any of the patents it asserted against Apple. The damages from the case were adjusted slightly, as this form contained some errors that the jury let into the initial ruling, including damages for the iPad patents (which it found didn't infringe) as well as some cases where it said Samsung had induced infringements on patents when, in fact, the jury found it hadn't infringed on them at all.


After the changes, the damages came to $1,049,343,540 owed to Apple, zero to Samsung. While we're sure Apple won't spit on the cash, the real action is yet to come, as the next stage in the trial will address injunctions against Samsung's infringing devices.

You can see a full gallery of the final verdict form in the gallery below or check it all out in this PDF.