The main updates in Tuesday's update to Chrome OS — a new app launcher and Google Drive integration — outshined one more feature that's worth noting: compatibility with video hosted by Google Play, as noted by GigaOm. Google's technical post on the update clarifies some of the bugfixes that the company has added and even stacks on one more feature: "Gestures: support 3-finger tap/click as middle."

Unfortunately, that's not the only news surrounding this latest update. That same post points out that the update is no longer available, "due [to a] few reports of connectivity issue with this build." We reached out to Google to find out just what the story is and the company assures us that the distribution has just been "paused" and that the "update cycle should resume normally" in short order. When it does, the Google Play video functionality that should probably have been supported from day one on Chrome OS will still be there, so those Google Play gift cards you've been spending won't have gone entirely to waste.