Polygon Thread of Sharing, Cooperation, Achievement Boosting, and BRODERLANDS


Videogames. They're generally pretty fun. In fact, they're fun enough that sometimes, we like to play them together. A while ago, someone recommended a thread listing all our co-op games, and while I made a half-assed attempt somewhere (aaaaaand I don't even remember where it was), I thought I'd go ahead and post a directory listing all the games we Polynauts have to co-op.

Pretty simple: if you want to co-op, post here. If you have a game you'd like to co-op, post here. If you want to do some achievement boosting--cool, do that here. Just tell us what games you have/want to play and what platform they're on. If you've got DLC, make sure to include that.

This is the part where we list stuff:

Alien Swarm: Blobbeh and everyone who has a Steam account because it's free

Battlefield 3: Cornish Forrestfield (360), Rathorial (360), Subtlethalend (360)

Borderlands: Benderrodriguez (PC/360), Cornish Forrestfield (360), DocSeuss (PC)

Borderlands 2: Cornish Forrestfield (360), DocSeuss (PC), Ishman (PC), mattmarquez (PC), PrinceLUDA (360), Rathorial (PC), Slygathor (PC), tmmhizzy (PC)

Bulletstorm: Cornish Forrestfield (360), DocSeuss (PC)

Call of Duty: Black Ops: Benderrodriguez (360), DocSeuss (PC)

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2: Benderrodriguez (360), DocSeuss (PC)

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3: Benderrodriguez (360), DocSeuss (PC), tmhizzy (PC)

Dead Island: Cornish Forrestfield (360)

Dead Rising 2: DocSeuss (360)

Dead Rising: Case West: DocSeuss

Diablo III: Rathorial

Dungeon Siege 3: Cornish Forrestfield (360)

Gears of War: Benderrodriguez, DocSeuss, Rathorial

Gears of War 2: Benderrodriguez, DocSeuss, Rathorial

Gears of War 3: Benderrodriguez, Cornish Forrestfield, DocSeuss, LivingTarget, Mintycrys, Rathorial, Sneaky Spy Guy, Subtlethalend

Halo 3: Cornish Forrestfield, DocSeuss

Halo 3: ODST: Cornish Forrestfield, DocSeuss, Subtlethalend, Passthemsticks

Halo: Reach: Cornish Forrestfield, DocSeuss

Hunted: The Demon's Forge: Cornish Forrestfield (360)

Killing Floor: DocSeuss, Slygathor

Left 4 Dead: Benderrodriguez (PC), Blobbeh (PC), DocSeuss (PC), Rathorial (PC), Subtlethalend (360)

Left 4 Dead 2: Benderrodriguez (PC), DocSeuss (PC), Rathorial (PC), Subtlethalend (360)

Lord of the Rings: War in the North: Cornish Forrestfield (360)

Magicka: Rathorial (PC)

Mass Effect 3: Cornish Forrestfield (360), Rathorial (360)

Orcs Must Die 2: DocSeuss (PC)

Payday: The Heist: Blobbeh (PC), DocSeuss (PC), Ishman (PC), Rathorial (PC), SirMarth01 (PC), SuperNewb (PC)

Perfect Dark HD: DocSeuss, LivingTarget, Mintycrys

Portal 2 (remember that PC/PS3 cross-platform compatibility is a thing): Blobbeh (PC), Cornish Forrestfield (360), DocSeuss (PC), Doctor Feelgood (PS3)

Rage: Cornish Forrestfield (360), DocSeuss (PC)

Resident Evil 5: Cornish Forrestfield

Saint's Row: The Third: DocSeuss (PC), Ishman (PC), Rathorial (PC)

Serious Sam: The First Encounter HD: Blobbeh (PC)

Serious Sam: The Second Encounter HD: Blobbeh (PC)

Serious Sam 2: Blobbeh (PC), DocSeuss (PC)

Serious Sam 3: BFE: Blobbeh (PC), DocSeuss (PC)

Spec Ops: The Line: DocSeuss (PC)

Terraria: Blobbeh (PC)

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron: Benderrodriguez (PC)

Transformers: War for Cybertron: Benderrodriguez (360)

Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine: Cornish Forrestfield (360), DocSeuss (PC)