Stock Android implicated?

Much of the coverage has described the case as affecting only early versions of Touchwiz. But the Sprint Nexus S 4G was part of this case (though strangely the regular Nexus S was not). The NS4G was found to infringe the bounce-back patent, and the one-finger scroll/two-finger zoom (pinch-to-zoom) patents. It was found not to infringe the double-tap-to-zoom patent.

This is especially odd since as far as I know this phone has never had bounce-back. (Unless you install the Firefox Mobile browser.) It does have double-tap-to-zoom, though I am unsure if it operates the exact same way as on Touchwiz phones.

What are the implications of these infringements on a stock Android device? Scrolling and pinch-to-zoom are huge and still part of future Android releases. Bounce back is gone (not sure it was ever in stock Android), and again I'm not sure if the double-tap-to-zoom implementation is exactly the same in stock as it is in the devices found to infringe.