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Welcome to Polynauts Central. It's the weekend once more, which means over August 25th and 26th we're going to be Stardust free. He's on holiday so I'm standing in for him this time. Are you ready? Then lets go straight to the Channel 4 news team for todays' Polynauts Central.

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1: 'Madden NFL 13' review: forward progress by Samit Sarkar

Madden 13's implementation of Kinect voice commands is one of the few instances in which the peripheral makes perfect sense both control-wise and realism-wise: you can shout out pre-snap adjustments like a real quarterback. You'll find an exhaustive list of the commands within the in-game manual; Tiburon's desire to be thorough is commendable, but you'll likely stick to a few basic, reliable options.

2: ‘Painkiller' remake shows off trailer, screenshots by Megan Farokhmanesh

Painkiller: Hell & Damnation, the Painkiller remake from The Farm 51 and Nordic Games, now has a viewable trailer. Several screenshots and concept art photos have also been released.

The 43-second trailer reveals little about the remake, but fans of the original will recognize familiar tones.

You can sign up for the PC beta now.

3: 'Divinity: Dragon Commander' and the board game that helped it come to life by Emily Gera

The player begins with an empty map, a factory to themselves, and some gold. Gold is used to buy various units, which will allow them to conquer other hexes and receive the special properties associated to them. With every turn they receive a card which represents factions met in the Dragon Commander universe, and give certain abilities to the player and their units. The lizard card, for example, allows the user to teleport all units within one country to another, which can have dramatic results in combat.

4: New 'Mass Effect 3' trailer explores the depths of 'Leviathan' by Michael McWhertor

To properly whip Mass Effect 3 players into an excited lather for its impending release, BioWare has released a new trailer for "Leviathan," showcasing the downloadable content's environments, storyline, and numerous third-person gun battles. "Leviathan" promises new weapons, new upgrades, new characters, and "gripping and emotional storytelling," according to publisher EA.

5: 'Soul Sacrifice' creator Keiji Inafune explains the game's brutal choices by Megan Farokhmanesh

"...It creates a reason to come up with new ways to fight. It could lead to different kinds of heroism; you could save a bad situation by sacrificing yourself or a friend, or ask your friend to sacrifice himself for the good of the group," said Inafune. "I don't know that it's always 'fun,' but it's a new kind of entertainment."


1: Hey Polygon, I'm your weekend reporter by Megan Farokhmanesh

Hey there! I'm Megan Farokhmanesh, and as you might have guessed I'm Polygon's newest reporter. I'll be slinging stories at you during the weekends.I'm a senior at the University of Missouri (you might know us better as Mizzou) wrapping up my last semester of undergrad in journalism and classical studies. During my college time, I've freelanced and interned for a few different places. I was a writer, then an editor for a site called PikiGeek. I'm fresh off a summer stint with Paste Magazine--if you're interested in checking out some of my work, may I recommend a Q&A with the talented Mr. Steve Blum? Or perhaps this feature on the latest Humble Indie Bundle?

Video games have always had a major influence on my life, whether it was relationships, hobbies or hey, even careers. I fell madly in love with my Super Nintendo when I was five, and I've been hooked on RPGs, platformers and action-adventure games ever since.

People like to say that game journalism is broken. I disagree. I think that like so many other aspects of the gaming industry today, journalism is changing. No, it's not perfect. Not even close. But we're learning. We're adapting. And I think that every day, places like Polygon are getting a little closer.

So hey, thanks for listening. I'm honored to join the Polygon crew, and I can't wait to see where this ship goes. Feel free to shout things at me via the Twitter machine, and know that I have a weakness for excellent gifs. Seriously, my folder is getting out of control.

2: How do You Prefer Your Pre-Order Bonuses? by DocSeuss

Recently, I preordered Hitman: Absolution. As one of this year's more interesting games, featuring a massive amount of player choice, improvisation, and replayability, I'm pretty hyped for it--but that wasn't what made me decide to go ahead and buy the game.

The sniper challenge was.

I like having bonus games and/or DLC that will later be made available for purchase for those who didn't pre-order as pre-orders, and I prefer not having store-exclusive or platform-exclusive content. What about you?

3: Need character name ideas for GW2 character by Sammael

The early start comes soon and I want to lock in a decent name, but this always takes me far too long. I end up spending decades at the character creator screen trying to come up with a great name.

I like names that convey a sense of power, and ancient knowledge and a hint of the arcane...

I've used Joneleth and Irenicus before, and Sammael, but those are usually taken, need more ideas.

4: Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition .. PS3 & 360 announced by CoffeeJezus

UK online retailer [Zavvi] has placed PS3 and 360 versions of Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition on its site available for pre-order, even highlighting the game on it's main page.

Given that the DLC alone has been rumoured for £14.99/1600ms points, an extra 9 quid will get a boxed copy with the DLC and a copy of the original game, as with this week's PC version.

5: Polygon Thread of Sharing, Cooperation, and Brofists by DocSeuss

Videogames. They're generally pretty fun. In fact, they're fun enough that sometimes, we like to play them together. A while ago, someone recommended a thread listing all our co-op games, and while I made a half-assed attempt somewhere (aaaaaand I don't even remember where it was), I thought I'd go ahead and post a directory listing all the games we Polynauts have to co-op.

Pretty simple: if you want to co-op, post here. If you have a game you'd like to co-op, post here. If you want to do some achievement boosting--cool, do that here. Just tell us what games you have/want to play and what platform they're on. If you've got DLC, make sure to include that.

REMINDER: Polygon.com : Community Requests Thread by Shaun McIlroy

This is our "Official Polynauts" topic for Polygon.com requests, those which we've all made mention of in anticipation of the sites launch in 2012. I thought I'd collate them all here for the Polygon team to check back and see if the stars align with their overall plans, whatever they may be.


Pitseleh0's contest which begins on Monday:

"We seem to be lacking on the header pic submissions. Let's get cracking people!

So I'd like to venture something if I could. Totally unofficial, but I'd like to sponsor a contest.

Shop up a header pic and submit it in the usual spot here.

The pics would be chosen daily as normal (by Shaun and Paddy) and then of the choices for all of next week (starting this Mon running until next Sat) I will choose my favorite of the 6.

That person will get a 3 Month Xbox Live code as a reward. Go get to it! Let's liven up this place!"


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