Pinch to Zoom--- Alternative Gestures

After the win for Apple regarding pinch to zoom, this particular patent seems strong enough to cause other problems for OEMs of Android.

So, what are some alternatives that you think of to circumvent this patent?

I've personally thought of a simple gesture that may work to get around this. (granted, I haven't bothered to examine the patent fully myself, so this may not work. Will update later if it's that's the case.)

The gesture to use for zooming in my opinion would be...

A two finger rotate.

This gesture is simple and actually doesn't stray to far from pinching. The idea came to me after using this same gesture for launching my camera on my Nexus, using Apex launcher.

This gesture is sorta appropriate for the function it would do.

When using binoculars, you rotate the lens to further extend your view, right? The same two finger tester on screen would simulate that effect.

Granted, this isn't perfect. But it's at least an idea to put out there.

If you can think of others, or agree with me,

Let's hear it below.