Xbox or Apple TV? (just read, you'll get it)

I want to have a good entertaining center, I really don't care that much for games, I want to listen to music, browse YouTube and watch podcasts. I have a Windows Phone, a Windows 8 PC and I'm getting an iPad, so is the double iPad+Apple TV better with multimedia than the Smartglass we saw? I know we didn't see that much about smartglass, but I think we got the idea. I really like the Metro interface and I love the way Microsoft is doing, but I don't want to get a Windows 8 tablet right now, because I need something I can be productive, so once Windows 8 has a decent amount of apps, I'm certainly getting a W8 tablet. Another idea would be using a DLNA function with my Lumia, the TV I'll get and my PC, but I hear that DLNA doesn't work quite well. I'm also posting this on Apple Core too. Give me your opinion, guys! Thanks.