Tips for Selling my Mac?

When I bought my Mac for about $1500, one of the draws was the resell value. The Apple associate who completed the transaction assured me that, since Macs are of such great quality, I would have no problem re-selling it. Trusting that, I've started that process. I've chosen to downsize to an iPad (trust me, after much deliberation). So laying that debate aside (it just makes sense for me), I'm looking to sell my Mac to cover the iPad purchase, but obviously still get the most out of the Mac. It's a MacBook Pro with a 13" screen, 4 GB of memory, 2.4 Ghz processor, and a 320 GB hard drive.

I've done some research. Looking at eBay, the base models for the 2010 generation sell at about $800 (originally valued at $1200). Since I raised the specs on mine a bit, I assume mine is worth a hundred or two more. I've looked at recycle programs, which give you naught more than a bit of change. A slam dunk (and perhaps, a distant dream) would be $1000, but I'm willing to settle for a hundred less or so.

So here are my questions: What venue, in your experience, offers the best money and speed of transaction for re-selling a Mac? And, any other tips on re-selling my Mac from your experience?