Does retina mark the end of the matte display?

I think everyone likes their opinions, so I was sad to see that the matte version of the MacBook Pro didn't carry over to the Retina MacBook Pro. I've always been a fan of the matte version, I thought that it had a more slick and solid feeling with the complete aluminum look. Not to mention that it is much easier to read outside or in a space with a lot of lights (see for yourself below).



Do you think this is just temporary and as more retina versions of the computer start shipping, they'll add the option? Or do you think that Apple will drop the option entirely as retina takes over?

My hope is that when the 13" MacBook Pro goes retina, there will be a matte version for both the 13 and the 15-inch notebooks. A 13 inch MacBook Pro with a matte-retina display would be my pick.