My thoughts on this site

When I come on this site, I read far more than I should at the expense of other things I really should be reading. When I look at this site on a retina screen, it makes me not want to look at it on anything else ever again 'cause it just looks so damned good. I often find myself wishing "90 Seconds on the Verge" was more like "90 Minutes on the Verge". The podcasts that come off this site are about the only spoken recordings I can listen to while running that don't drive me nuts. The professionalism mixed with personal opinion and personality is something that is done a lot in modern media, but is rarely done this well. Only my very favorite sites get individual bookmarks, rather than being put in folders. This site gets an individual bookmark. When I want to see how good a site looks on a screen, I test out two sites: and I still get a kick out of reading "What's In Your Bag?", even though 95% of the contents are usually the same. When I'm looking for something to read on my ipad, my first instinct is always to click the Verge icon on the home screen even if I just closed the site 5 minutes prior. Please guys, keep on doing what you're doing. This is quality stuff and I thoroughly enjoy and appreciate it.