Alternatives to Live Mesh?

So I learn Live Mesh is going away, and I understand why - Skydrive is all most consumers need. I doubt, in fact, anyone even knows about the peer-to-peer sync capabilities of Live Mesh. But that's what I use Live Mesh for.

I have cloud storage up the wazoo since I operate my own geographically-redundant storage clusters (mostly in major colos), so I don't need Skydrive. The only way I use it is to store non-confidential personal notes in OneNote that I can get onto from anywhere without elaborate security arrangements.

On the other hand, I use Live Mesh to sync all of my regularly used personal documentation, reference manuals, etc across all my mobile machines so that regardless of which I use I'm up to date - I like the fact that my data doesn't touch a cloud service and that it is reasonably encrypted end-to-end.

What's a good alternative which does the same?

(EDIT: Oh yes, one crucial omission - since I use OSX as well, it needs to work on that as well as Windows)