Was Steve Jobs a hypocrite?

I've been all over the web for the last couple days, mostly about the Apple vs Samsung trial. I been hearing arguments on both sides, those who are for the ruling and those who are against. And some have some pretty good arguments and the rest are straight out there damn minds and dont have a clue what they are talking about. I was just at google plus (aka android land/google land) and you wouldn't believe the stupid arguments people are coming up with and its not hard to find them just go intomthe "Whats Hot" category. The one knee jerk argument that they love to use is the Steve Jobs quote from more then 20 years ago "Good artist copy, Great artist steal". It seems like people just use this quote just for they can be part of the anti-apple cult by calling Steve jobs a hypocrite but don't have a clue of what the meaning stand for.

Here is the context from the quote. "Great artists, according to Picasso, take an idea, and own it, aka steal. Pushing that idea so far that others no longer remember that you got the initial inspiration elsewhere. You’ve taken the idea so far that people think you own it." its nothing wrong taking inspiration from objects around you because thats how innovation works. Everyone does it, book authors, movie directors, interior/exterior designers, graphic designers...etc. but when you just outright copy and don't differentiate at all that just shows you lazy and wanna rush something out and that's what samsung did. Almost everything apple does isn't original just like mp3 players, tablets, smartphones, but they took a idea a figured out how to make it better, more fun, and intuitive. Other companies can do this but they are afraid to take any risk. Most people may not care about windows phone 7 but you can't say the software looks like iOS. That also goes for Nokia lumia that looks nothing like the iPhone. Google is doing it with project glass, im not excited at all for this project but at least they they are taking on the risk.