Weird Gaming Habits

So I've always wondered this of other people: What kind of weird gaming habits do you have?

For me, I have a couple of weird things I do when I'm playing a game. At almost every cut-scene, I rub my fingers over every button on the controller I'm playing. Every single time. I don't know why, it's like some sort of itch that I have.

When I'm playing on a PC, I rub my right palm against the corner of my laptop before starting up a game. Every time, again, haha.

I also will not start a game without reading the manual cover to cover. Even if the manual is 6 pages long, or a full booklet, I feel the need to read it. It gives me a sense of starting a new journey, plus, like reading instructions, sometimes you find out stuff that the game doesn't tell you in-game (even though it should).

Sooo what about you guys? Any weird gaming habits or rituals? I wanna know I'm not the only weird one. :3