Smart Home

I want a smart phone Home!

The other day I was fumbling in the dark for my house key, becoming frustrated I thought, Why do we need KEYS! My phone can start my car, fly a remote control plane, deposit a check, why can't it unlock my front door.

I went to google for a solution, and could not find one. I couldn't believe it. I knew about NEST, the learning thermostat, and I saw the interview with its creator, Tony Fadell, On The Verge. Tony was very excited about creating a smart home, but i was shocked to find nothing on the market that was even heading in that direction.

In my searching, i stumbled onto SmartThings. This is what I'm talking about!

Control your home remotely with SmartThings, a Kickstart project that ends 9/22/2012

I don't know if I'll fork over the $150 to beta test this product, but i am awfully tempted.

Does anyone in The Verge community have any home automation setups? If so what?