Best note taking and "to-do" applications for iPad (taking university classes)

I'm sure most of you, if not all of you, know of some kind of note taking application that is ideal for university classes. I'm not talking about Evernote, because sometimes, especially in my major, you've got to scribble some diagrams or charts down. I'd like something that would allow me to easily switch between pen and type, record lectures (audio), take pictures, and insert various shapes and chart clips directly from the application. I'm currently using Notability, but find it to be a little sloppy for my taste. Is there anything out there that just has a more pristine look and intuitive UI? Any help would be appreciated!

Also, I'd like some kind of "to-do" or task manager application. I'm a fool when it comes to those (not in the literal sense) because I just always want something new or different. I'm currently using Things, but am open to suggestions. I've used iStudiez, but I found it to be sloppy and clunky (it took way to long to set up homework assignments and classes).