enemy ai

so i bought Rage on amazon pretty cheap this last week and have been having a blast playing it. i think of it as "Fallout Light". The atmosphere is very engaging, they did a great job of creating a sense of place. I dont mind a linear type of game, which I think was a gripe of many people...but there is still s bunch of side missions and slight RPG elements to it. But the thing that impresses me most is the "smartness" of the enemy AI. It gives me real hope for the next gen and what it may offer for us: the enemies react to the situation, albeit a bit canned and stiff, but its a step above anything ive seen. Although there is definately parameters to their reactions, it gives a much more organic feel to every fight scene. Even though the game is not the most exciting or innovative in way of story or gameplay, this addition really makes it something special...I cannot wait to see what the next gen of console has in store for us