Thoughts About Copying in Gaming, and Why Nobody is Suing Others

This morning when I was reading all the posts about the verdict of the Samsung-Apple case, a thought came across my mind, why wasn't there anyone suing others for the using the same controls for their game?

I'm not familiar with other types of games, but at least in FPS, games like COD, Battlefield, Crisis, etc use almost the same controls for Playstation. Just to name a few:

Left stick for walking, right stick for viewing angle, R1 for melee attack, R2 for fire, L1 for aiming...

Even the Xbox controller and the PS controller look similar (the basic U shape, two triggers and two bumpers, a d-pad, two sticks and four keys on the right, and the logo in the middle with two buttons on either side)

Why aren't there any suing going around?(Or did I miss any?)

I'm not here to say Apple is wrong about suing Samsung, I'm just curious why isn't anyone suing others for using their design. Are they not allowed to that in this particular field or is it anything else...