Square Enix iOS prices - What do you think?

Hello Polygoners,

Recently Square Enix released a port of the critically acclaimed "The World ends with You" on iOS devices. And as it is usual with them, prices are way above what you normally would find in an iOS game (17.99 for iPhone and 19.99 for iPad).

So, with that in mind, I wanted to see what you think about it, how do you feel about Square Enix's strategy in the mobile market.

To start things off, here are some arguments to fuel both sides:

Square Enix is a Dinosaur

Whether you like it or not, mobile platforms are here to stay, and they will only become more relevant as time goes on.

And in this modern market, Square Enix still thinks as an old fashioned company. They can't seem to grasp the new dogmas that rule this market.

This is a digital market, there is no packaging, no distribution, no retailers, only the App store. Here everyone has access to everything at their fingertips, all games, all prices, everything. And you can clearly see that that the ideal price is far from $20 bucks.

It is a simple principle of a demand curve: Price it lower and you will sell enough copies that you will gain more money. There is no loss in selling more copies, no need to "amp the production". So why stick with prices that will clearly turn off most customers?

And to add insult to injury, SE is not only selling this game for a high price, but it is also charging separately for iPad and iPhone versions. If they were embracing this platform, they would make an universal app with icloud saving, but instead you need to pay 40 bucks to play on both devices, and there is the risk of your save not carrying on!

So it is sad really, to see these great games released no this platform, only to be buried behind cheaper games, only because SE don't realize that the market has changed.

They could get a new generation addicted to the classic Final Fantasy tittles, if only they could understand them.

Square Enix values their Property

Making games is hard. Making great games is impossibly hard! It demands time, money and the heart and soul of the developers.

So why should Square Enix take all the hard work put into their incredible game portfolio and demote it to a 0.99 app that someone will get as an impulse, and forget about it the next minute?

They want to prove that their experiences are worth the premium. They want to give you games that will last you hours, that will make you care about the characters, and wonder about different worlds. These aren't games to play for 5 minutes in the toilet.

If the mobile market wants to prove it is a place for "Grown Up" games, then it should be ready for "Grown Up" prices!

We are talking here about one of the best RPGs of this generation, being sold for less than half it's release price on the DS, and we are still complaining?

If we want to have something more than "Gameloft" versions of our favorite games on our smartphones, then we must show developers that yes, we will pay for it.

So Square Enix is being brave and forward thinking here.

They are giving the mobile market real, hardcore games. And at a price that would be considered fair in any other platform.

Now it is time for us to decide if this is the future we want for our portable devices, or if we will continue to throw birds.


Well, this is it, I gave you a topic and some fuel for discussion!

As you can see, I am very in the middle about this but definitely pushed a bit harder then what I normally would on both side for the sake of the discussion.

Now it is your turn comment away!