There are quite a few Google TV options on the market, but that's not stopping Hisense from launching its own take on the platform, the Hisense Pulse. Probably the most compelling feature of this upcoming set-top box is its price — the company says it'll be available by mid-November for "under $99." That's a nice price, although Vizio's recently-launched Co-Star also comes in at $99 and is available now for those looking for a cheap way to get into Google TV.

One of the more unique features Hisense highlights in the double-sided Pulse remote control. While there aren't any pictures of it yet, it sounds like one side of the remote features a built-in touchpad as well as a dedicated Netflix button, while the reverse side will have a full QWERTY keyboard. As for connectivity, the Pulse comes with the standard array of ports: HDMI in and out, USB, Ethernet, plus Wi-Fi. If you're interested, Hisense will be displaying its new Google TV box at IFA 2012; hopefully they'll have more specific details around the price and release date then.