With Tropical Storm Isaac barreling its way toward the Gulf Coast, Google has launched a new website dedicated to tracking its path. Launched as part of Google's Crisis Response project, the site maps out Isaac's location and likely trajectory, and provides information on hurricane warnings and evacuation orders in affected areas.

Users can find advisories and warnings pertaining to their own neighborhoods using the search tab at the top of the site, as well information on local evacuation routes and active shelters. The map also provides links to any relevant YouTube videos and live webcam feeds from impacted regions. As of this writing, Isaac is classified as a tropical storm, though it is expected to reach hurricane status by the time it makes landfall.

Google's storm site is just the latest in a series of disaster-related initiatives that the company has launched in recent years. Person Finder, launched in 2010, has helped users locate missing relatives after devastating earthquakes in Haiti, Japan, and Turkey, while Google's emergency alerts feature provides real-time updates on flood, earthquake, and blizzard warnings from federal agencies.