The Polygon Gallery of Fine Arts


Greetings, fellow art connoisseurs, and welcome to the Polygon Gallery of Fine Arts, the most prestigious art-sharing establishment on these fine forums.

Don't let the title fool you, however, as any and all art is welcome. Well, most art. Common sense and general forum rules shall be your guide.

Post anything you wish to share, from sketches and paintings to photography, sculptures, music, writing, etc. Don't have anything of your own to share? Use this forum to discuss artists and their works that you admire, as well things like artbooks. Don't forget that we also have Crisis on Infinite Polygons for anime, manga and comics discussion; use your best judgement when posting, I don't wanna step on anyone's toes with this thread.

Well, I suppose that about does it. I'm not sure how popular this will be (and I feel kinda bad for not having anything of my own to post right now), but it's worth a shot!

If folks are interested I can try to keep a list of deviantArt accounts at the bottom of this post.