What if the (upcoming) Nexus Wars is Fueled by Software Update Timeliness?

Not all Nexus devices are updated by Google. As with the Nexus S and GNex, some devices are updated by Samsung themselves.

In case of the rumors of multiple OEM partnership does take place in the near future and (in the remote case that) Google decides to adopt a new software update model for the Nexus devices--that is, Google will just release the new Android version / update to OEMs (and probably use the GNex as its reference device or an unbranded reference device) and it's up to the OEMs to work on the update so that it works with their Nexus devices--would you still buy a Nexus device given the knowledge that the updates will come from the OEMs directly?

[I hope I didn't string together too many run-ins back there]

I think if that software update model takes place, then OEMs will be really tested in terms of their commitment to keeping their handsets up-to-date. Though I am not sure if it's gonna be good for the Nexus brand in general.