Samsung made nature a major theme when it launched the Galaxy S III — the UI was even called "TouchWiz Nature UX." Now, the company has announced a number of new colors for the Galaxy S III that it says are similarly "inspired by nature." While Samsung's blog highlights four alternate colors, only three of them are brand-new — the garnet red model has been available as an AT&T exclusive for the last month or so. New options include "amber brown" (which we can't help but compare to the original Zune's somewhat-controversial brown color), sapphire black (last seen perpetually spinning on T-Mobile's site), and titanium grey. Unfortunately, it's not clear when and where these colors will be available — Samsung's site makes a note to point out that availability will depend on carrier and region. While Samsung's blog may be a bit over-the-top in the language it uses to describe these new models, they do look pretty striking — we're hoping to see them as widely available as possible.