Facebook has just released version 1.1 of its Facebook Camera iOS app, an update that introduces the ability to create new photo albums and add pictures to your existing galleries. There are also a number of smaller optimizations included, such as expanded social interactions. Much like the regular (and much improved) Facebook app, you'll now be notified of images you've been tagged in along with likes and comments pertaining to your own shots. It's a nice way of tuning out all the typical News Feed clutter if all you're interested in is photo-related content. This information is displayed in a News tab that's placed next to the prior feed options of You and Friends.

The list of minor improvements continues on: Facebook Camera now correctly displays likes and comments for posts with multiple photos and allows users to like individual comments. Further, there's a new option to view an expanded list (complete with profile photos) of those who like/comment on your shared pictures. New language support and bug fixes round out things out, but unfortunately we haven't noticed any new image filter effects. Then again, there's always Facebook's other camera app for that sort of thing.