Longing. That best sums up my emotions right now. Trapped in a pastel room with hardwood floor some thousands of miles away from my precious 90 Seconds on The Verge — a child less than 70 minutes old that I cannot look directly upon from here at IFA. Oh sure, I write to him often — as I have been wont to do from the start, a letter that's always 90 seconds in length (or so my editor likes to let me pretend). And of course, the child has many daddies that are all there taking care of him. And even more so, having David Pierce as a surrogate daddy is all well and good... but I just miss the little guy so much. Maybe he'll fly in for a daytrip in Berlin. That'd be nice. He looks so good today without me there. I'm so proud. But oh, oh, the longing.

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