Ok Verge..about these Reviews


I actually like reading the verge next to Engadget I find them pretty fair in reporting on the Tech industry. Especially compared to a certain boy genious" site which has the most obvious Apple bias I have ever seen.

Anyway here is my deal. I am a Windows and Android person who tends to shy away from the Apple ecosystem. I have really nothing against it, its just not for me. Of course, when looking for new devices and gadgets I like to read up on reviews before I buy it, and I like how the verge has implemented a rating for their gadgets. Now here is the kicker.

I know probably 90% of everyone on the Verge uses a iPhone and some sort of Apple laptop as their daily driver, its obvious when you read the "What's in your bag" post. Which is great, but I think this might kind of create a sort of bias of your review. Your ecosystem rating for Android devices is inconsistent across the board. That rating could go from 6 to 8 depending on what device is being reviewed. Why is this the case? What makes Apple's ecosystem a 10 and Androids an 8? Furthermore, why does this rating change from device to device? Honestly all your other ratings I think are pretty objective and it would probably be best to leave the ecosystem rating out of the reviews, but even if they must stay, could you provide some detail on how you rate an ecosystem would be nice.

Anyways just my opinion on the matter, good work overall.