WPDownUnder 's "industry sources" say that Lumia Phi is the PureView WP8

This seems to be a rumour but it does make sense if it's true.... I would be surprised if they didn't have a PureView phone at this launch.


"Many sites have discussed the possibility of the incredible Nokia PureView technology making it into September’s Microsoft/Nokia Windows Phone 8 launch. Nokia are already on the record stating that they intend to bring PureView to the Windows Phone platform. Today, as first reported on The Verge, Nokia have teased the global IT and enthusiast community that “Things are about to change” in the lead-up to their big event (which will also time with the EU Nokia World 2012 kick-off). This week, WPDownUnder received information from industry sources that PureView IS coming, and WILL be part of the announcement by Nokia next month."

Source: http://www.wpdownunder.com/?p=5932