The Smart TV Alliance is still working to expand its ecosystem in the face of competition from larger, more established smart TV companies. It has added new members outside of the manufacturing realm including hardware design companies Qualcomm and MStar, browser and application developer Obigo, advertising platform YuMe in its attempt to unify app development across various smart TV platforms. The Smart TV Alliance was first announced at IFA last year, and was officially launched in June by LG Electronics and TP Vision, and was joined shortly thereafter by Toshiba. Sharp was originally listed as a partner at last year's IFA, but has since remained notably absent along with big players like Sony, Samsung, and Vizio.

Obigo has already developed apps including Accuweather and Vilanoise using the first version of the SDK, and these apps are scheduled to be publicly available next month. It's not clear yet whether this band of companies will be enough to take on the rest of the competition in the smart TV market, but the Alliance's influence will likely become more apparent with the release of SDK 2.0, which is set to be released to developers by the end of this year.