Sony is just about out of letters to use for its Xperia lineup. (Look for the company to patent a new alphabet in the near future.) The company today announced three new phones — the T / TX flagship and the lower-tier V and J models. At face value, there isn't much aesthetic difference — similar design, slightly different materials, the lack of "Xperia" on the front plate for Xperia V and J. (The J in particular also seems especially prone to fingerprints.)

The Xperia T is the clear flagship here, with 4.6-inch HD Reality display and Sony's Mobile Bravia engine. The dedicated hardware camera button did pull up the app fast and taking pictures in the environment was fairly quick, but we'll reserve final judgment for a review unit. The phone will be known as the Xperia TX in the markets, with the only difference being that Xperia T is "the ultimate HD experience as used by James Bond." Seriously, it's on the adjacent spec sheet — the "one Sony" synergy is strong with this one. Until their Q4 launch, enjoy the new Xperia lineup vicariously in pictures.