How Do You Feel About Bronies and BRONY Culture?

As the resident vlogger here, It's safe to say I spend a lot of time on YouTube and one thing I've discovered is, Brony Culture is HUGE. For those that don't know, a Brony is an adult male fan of the TV series My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic. At first glance it's a little bit weird but then as one dives down the rabbit hole they find layers upon layers of... well, culture (music, plays, gaming mash-ups, memes, cosplaying..the works!). It's gotten to the point where the female fans now call themselves Pegasisters and the show itself started acknowledging it's male fans on air.

Intrigued, I gave the show a watch and really enjoyed it. It's smartly written and enjoyable. Crafted by members of the same teams that made things like Power Puff Girls, Fosters Home for Imaginary friends and even fan favorite Samurai Jack. I even dubbed myself a "brownie" (a brown Brony, because I'm black and enjoy bad puns). However there are facets of the fandom even I won't touch, like buying the dolls or participating in "clopping" (Rule 34). Those activities are what make the rest of us look strange and invite the so called "Haters" to question our manhood for enjoying a property reportedly meant for "little girls".

I decided to combat this idea (that we're all 42 year old virgins with neck beards who love ponies because real women would never touch us) with the above video using comparisons to popular little boys show Pokemon and other series with female protagonists that were equally or sometimes more awesome than their male counterparts (She-Ra > He-man). My whole point was to end the hate and the division but also question why double standards exist in cartoon fandom.

So allow me to ask, after watching the video, What's your opinion on the ever popular Brony Culture and is there really a such thing as girl's cartoons?