After seeing OEMS plans for windows8 ...

Aren't you glad there's Surface...

I know I'm.

Not just because my heart is set on buying a Surface Pro . but because of all the tablets that have those pretty tiles now , nothing stands out (the right way ...)
Samsung created a transformer that has non of the good qualities of a transformer , ASUS created that Tiachi 2 screen thing which stood out but is destined to be a niche device at best. along with transformer clones of Androids tablets

Nokia seems to be dropping out the tablet quest for now. (Although the new video about 5/9 shows a girl that is holding a purse that looked a lot like a tablet cover)

Common OEMS that work with MS seem to treat Tablets and phones like bags more or less , it's like hey sir would you like to get win8 in that bag or Android with extra sprinkles .?
the only great looking tablet i'v seen this week was HTC's and i only saw it in a picture comparing it to Apple's Mac Screens !!! (Almost identical)

Apple doesn't treat it's products like bags where it shoves anything just because it's new , Surface isn't doing it either . Finally MS have set a standard and although OEMS didn't live up to that standard but at least Win 8 is well represented ... :D