(Archived) Crisis on Infinite Polygons (Comics/Animation) Issue #3: At Midnight, All the Polynauts...


This week's header is from SneakySpyGuy...again.

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Previously on Crisis on Infinite Polygons: surprise pregnancies, crazy stalkers, and something called mech suits ran amok. However, Superman and Wonder Woman put a stop to that, and then promptly started making out. Also, Spider-Man joined up with Star Wars to fight off The Transformers. Oh, and we learned a bit about my murderous rampages.

So anyway, on to some topics to be talked about, our weekly featured comic and animated series!

Featured Comic: Before Watchmen: Minutemen

Watchmen is one of my favorite comics of all time, but have you ever wondered what happened BEFORE Watchmen? Why is Rorschach so crazy? How did the Watchmen form? Why wouldn't they let Batman join? Your questions are finally being answered! DC is currently in the process of releasing these bound to be classic books as we speak. In fact, the third issue of the one I'll be briefly talking about just came out today!

Now, if you haven't read Watchmen, or you're just looking for a jumping on point here, the Minutemen were the Watchmen before Watchmen, you could probably call them Before Watchmen. So, in the Minutemen mini-series we follow the exploits of the Before Watchmen as they fight crime and themselves. Hijinks ensue! And don't worry you'll be asking new questions in addition to the old! Questions such as: Why does The Silhouette keep turning Nite-Owl down? Will the Before Watchmen be able to stop Hooded Justice's archnemesis The Halakha Hoodlum? What kind of crazy shenanigans will The Comedian get into next?


It's black and white so it's the past.

Find out in Before Watchmen: Minutemen! Where can you find it? Well, hit up your local comic book shop if you can find any copies, they're flying off the shelves! Or you could just log into Comixology and purchase the issues. Oh yeah, this book is from Darwyne Cooke (Of DC: The New Frontier fame) so it's actually pretty good.

Featured Animation: Transformers: Animated

So, I hear a lot of talk about the newest (Well, ignoring Rescue Bots) Transformers animated series, Transformers: Prime all the time, and it just started airing new episodes here in the US. However, I'm not here to talk about that one, I mean, that one's alright, but that's about it. I'm here to talk about the big one, the greatest Transformers series to ever air. That's right, better than Super-God Masterforce, Go-Bots, and Beast Wars Neo combined, Transformers: Animated.

You may be complaining about how goofy it looks as opposed the super realistic original series or the movie masterpieces from film auteur Michael Bay. However, that's just what makes it "animated", the more stylized look to the show gives it more personality and charm than those old robotic designs. Of course, it's not just the looks, no, it's the writing guys. This show handles continuity better than any other Transformers show I've ever seen and the plots continue to engage me where inferior shows do not. And the characters are fun and far more layered than what you might see in Prime or the like.


Honestly, I really just judge the quality of these shows based on how many Starscreams there are.

This show is the Spectacular Spider-Man of Transformers shows and if you don't know what I mean by that, well go watch that show too. So where you can watch Transformers: Animated? The Hub recently started re-airing the show on their channel, so if you live in the US and have that channel then you can check it out there. Unfortunately the DVD's are incomplete with only the first two seasons available (And even then the first 3 episodes were released on their own DVD). However, The Hub re-airing the show hopefully is a sign that Hasbro has the complete rights back from Cartoon Network (Who co-produced the show) which might lead to a DVD release from Shout! Factory or the show being added on to Netflix Instant streaming.

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