With interest growing for head-mounted tech like Google's Project Glass and Occulus' Rift virtual reality headset, Sony has introduced a new version of its HMZ-T1 Personal 3D Viewer. Quietly announced this week at IFA, the HMZ-T2 offers the same immersive 720p, stereoscopic 3D visuals as its predecessor, but loses the lackluster integrated surround sound headphones, and by association, 20 percent of the weight. Now, users can pair either headphones or earbuds of their preference with the head-mounted display's integrated virtual surround sound processor. While the 0.7-inch OLED displays seem to have remained unchanged, the HMZ-T2 now supports 24p True Cinema to provide "the authentic frame rate for big screen movies."

Although it's unclear when the HMZ-T2 will ship or whether it will maintain the $800 price tag of last year's model, Sony representatives have confirmed it will be making its way to the US.