Galaxy Nexus + Jelly Bean has restored my Faith in Android

I am an Android user since day 1. I followed Android 7-8 months before even the T-mobile G1 had even been released and trolled the internets looking for leaks while praying for a phone to replace my POS Windows Mobile phone. Then When Google/T-Mobile announced an event that would bring the first Android handset , I right away pre-ordered the G1 the moment it went live.

The G1 was my first real love in technology. Android was an under dog then and something to believe in even if the hardware and performance was less than stellar. I was an immediate Android fanboy. I preached the good news of Android on mostly deaf ears as at the time Android was only on one carrier and on one piece of hardware and didnt even support paid apps let alone good apps. I was an OG Android fanboy to the core and believed Android was the best future for mobile technology.

Fast forward 4 years and 15 different Android devices later and I had grew very jaded. Being a complete technology obsessive, I bought nearly every Android phone released on T-Mobile and went through them like underwear. I never felt happy with any Android phone. Every single Android phone I had every owned either suffered from severely horrible battery life, a lagging UI (even after rooting sometimes) or a non existent upgrade path from either the carrier or the OEM. The Nexus One was the only phone I'd even considered close to being the perfect device but a lack of true multi touch, bad battery and no HSPA+ support hindered it from being my device for long.

I was sick of Android. It had gone completely mainstream and with that it brought bloatware, custom UI skins and updates that never came. I love Android not touchwiz or HTC Sense and yet all but one device a year was released with vanilla Android and zero bloatware. I was just over Android and ready to switch to Iphone as I had left for Mac 2.5 years ago from Windows and consider it to be the single best technology decision I had ever made outside of dropping my honeycomb tablet for an iPad.

Then a week ago I had become so pissed at my HTC Amaze for rebooting and powering off randonmly (while using GPS no less) that I decided to buy a out of contract phone t replace it until my T-Mobile contract was up. I remember seeing that Galaxy Nexus was 350$ so I decided to buy even though I decided to skip on it early this because I felt it was too big for my taste.

Now just 24 hours after getting the Galaxy Nexus and the Jelly Bean update that came with it, my faith in Android is restored. This phone and OS is amazing and is what Android has always typically not been: Smooth, fast and beautiful. It reminded me that Google didn't ruin Android, but rather the Carriers and OEM's have and that the promise of Android is very much still alive. My faith in Android is restored but I still very much lack it for the OEM's.

I can't say I wont still switch to iphone when my contract is up but I can say that Android is finally "there" with Jelly Bean and the Galaxy Nexus. This makes me happy and its the first time I've been a happy Android users since the Nexus One.