Encrypted USB Flash drive Linux/Windows no admin rights

I'm currently looking for an encrypted flash drive that will work in both Linux and Windows, but does not require admin rights to work in Windows.

I have tried a Corsair Padlock 2 which has buttons right on the drive to unlock it, but I have killed two of those drives just in the process of trying to set the passwords, so I will not get another one.

Now at home I use both Windows and Linux, so admin rights are not a problem there, but at school, all the PC's run Windows and I do not have admin rights there, so I cannot use TrueCrypt since it requires admin rights to work.

This drive will have lots of personal documents on it, as well as be running apps from of it with PortableApps.

I'd like to find another drive similar to the Corsair Padlock 2 that has buttons right on the drive for locking and unlocking, so that I don't have to use any kind of software and would be OS agnostic, but if I has to be software, than it needs to work in Windows, Linux and I guess OSX, and all without requiring admin rights.

Any suggestions would be helpful.