The gross simplification of war in games, and why we're buying it.

The headline use of the word gross goes both ways, the gross amount of military games being developed on a yearly basis has not slowed since the late 90's. Gross as in common disgusting too, because glorifying war is in short, disgusting. I wish I could find the source, but there was an article interviewing a soldier that served 5 years in Iraq, and it was a simple interview, talking about combat, the boring times, and politics.Then he turned the subject on it's head and talked about how no one in war is a hero, they're psychopaths given a duty, and carrying it through. I don't want to agree fully, I think the men and women who risk their lives in any country is automatically a hero to me. This guy though, thinks war is the most sinister, packaged up thing to seem patriotic and heroic, just so the voters and taxpayers don't protest against it. That I agree with, war is the number one money maker for the United states, our economy is killing foreigners, not buying electronics.

So in order to make war seem noble, patriotic, and just plain the right thing to do, the government holds up medals, and gives the news a block of time to pay tribute to the soldiers. Again, I fully support the troops, but I also have to agree the government glorifies killing. That is why I find military shooters wholly disturbing, especially since a shooter like Call of duty is extremely popular in the children demographic.

Medal of honor and Call of duty aren't showing how boring, disturbing, and pointless war is. They're showing that it's cool, fun, and most importantly, simple. Fictional violence does not harm developing minds, glorifying real violence does. I'd love to see a game address the hard truths of war, losing friends in battle, the crippling boredom followed by a horrific ambush, then going home and trying to live with yourself after the rewiring of the brain. Too bad that game wouldn't sell a million copies.