WinPhone LiveCubes Concept

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Live Cube looks and functions exactly like a Live Tile, but in reality is a cube which can be interacted by rotating it in its equatorial axis. Since a cube has 4 equatorial sides, a Live Cube would then have 4 square faces that can be accessed by swiping the Live Cube left or right. These additional three faces would then have optional application-specific extra content or functions. The sweeping gestures of up and down would still be dedicated to scrolling through the homescreen and would not be used in Live Cubes.

Windows Phone 7 Live Cubes-Concept Design

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  1. Right sweep across the "Messaging" LiveCube activates the cube.
  2. The LiveCube immediately starts to rotate right along it's equatorial axis.
  3. The LiveCube rotates quickly rotates 90 degrees and stops.
  4. The LiveCube now shows the left side of the cube, with a function of "New SMS"

Live Cubes Concept Example

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Some LiveCubes can also be long pressed, which then rotates all the other LiveCubes. After rotation, other LiveCubes will show content from the LiveCube that was long pressed. Tap on the negative space will reset the cubes back.

  1. Long press the "internet" cube activates the cube.
  2. All the other LiveCubes except the one pressed starts to rotate immediately.
  3. LiveCubes rotate 90 degrees and stop.
  4. All the cube except the pressed IE cube now shows bookmarks and browser .

First video :

Second video :