Sascha Dikiciyan's vision of futuristic music has provided the backdrop for a number of notable video games like Mass Effect 3 and Quake II - but now he's preparing to release his first EP as a solo artist. Doomsday, which is being released under Dikiciyan's Sonic Mayhem identify, is first and foremost a musical project, but that doesn't mean he's ignoring the power of a compelling visual. Today Sonic Mayhem is releasing a short film that serves as a teaser for the forthcoming EP, and its retro-futuristic aesthetic certainly sets the stage for the sci-fi, "electronic punk" aesthetic and sound that Dikiciyan's cultivating. The four-minute film is a retro-futuristic delight, and though it's not a plot-heavy video, it works in lockstep with this preview of Doomsday's music — a sonic mix that is equal parts disquieting, jarring, and eerily tranquil. If the teaser draws you into the world Sonic Mayhem is creating, you can sign up here for more info on Doomsday's forthcoming launch.