What do YOU like to see in games?

This is something I enjoy asking people, because I tend to get interesting answers. It's a basic question: what do you personally like to see in games?

I'm talking about stuff that scores brownie points with you. Stuff you rate higher on the scale than maybe other people. Stuff that you typically seek in games.

It can be anything, from a gameplay mechanic to a minute production value. Great lighting? Awesome cover mechanics in a third person shooter? Narrative choice? Empowerment? Water physics? Dynamic music? Co-op? Procedural generation? ...MINIGUNS!?

Someone once said leadership. Like when you watch two teammate NPCs discuss (or argue over) a choice, but in the end, they turn to you and say "...but it's your call, boss."

It can be anything. Talk about the very essence of what makes games fun for you as an individual.

Like me, I like going fast. Real fast. But not just going fast. Feeling like I'm going fast. There's no point in the speedometer telling you you're going fast, when you yourself don't believe it. It's why I play racing games, it's why Sonic Unleashed will always be in my memories. Always seeking that adrenaline rush that comes from knowing you really ought to slow down, before you slam into something. Split/Second's another one that excelled at this.

Another one is animation. I love great animation. I want to see expressive and dynamic character movement. Not just in cutscenes, but in gameplay. I could go on and on about how Arkham City does this so amazingly well. How Batman reacts dynamically to enemies, according to their location and status relative to his own. How when you counter someone from behind, Batman doesn't instantly turn around to punch them. He looks over his shoulder and elbows them. Or how a counter to one guy can suddenly become Bats suplexing that guy right into someone about throw a punch behind him. When you punch someone, you actually punch them. It's not like Batman throws a punch, and the henchman reacts with a prepared "I got punched" animation. Your fist connects with his face, and he reacts accordingly. It's like watching a fight scene, except you get to play as one of the participants. Other games do it well too. Final Fantasy XIII, LA Noire, Uncharted, even Mortal Kombat. I'm told Max Payne 3 excels at this as well. Hell, even on the PS2, Kingdom Hearts had a certain expressiveness to its animation.

There's others, but let's hear what you like, first.