HP v Gigabyte v MBP/MBA v Other

I am driving myself insane reading reviews and opinions, need a new laptop badly. Use it for web, basic business/day-to-day programs, and then most importantly, Lightroom for editing photos (side-photo business, so I'm editing full RAW files).

I originally thought about pimping out a new MBA, but I'm still not sold on the screen, or power for Lightroom, which eats RAM editing 21mb files. Then there's the MBP, and possible 13" edition coming out, but it's going to completely ruin my wallet. I'd love to spend $1400+/-.

But thetrackpad, and dependability are huge, so I'd rather spend another few bucks and be happy than have a glitchy trackpad which makes using a laptop freaking awful. My biggest problem with considering the Zenbook, Lenovo U series, etc..., are the batteries, and trackpads. I don't care if it's as thin as a MBA or Zenbook, I just need something with some power, good trackpad, and great screen.

That said, I think I've narrowed it down to one of the new Gigabyte laptops coming out now, or an HP Spectre 14 with something like an i7, 2.1 ghz, 8gb ram, maybe more. That alone would save me about $800 bucks off a MBP, and still give me some decent portability with power. Also, if anyone is so kind as to answer this in the first place - considering my photos eat HD space for dinner, should i go with a 128 SSD, and then just keep photos, music, etc... external? Or should I roll with something like a 750gb 7200 HDD?

I can't make decisions on my own apparently, anyone willing to help?