Many months ago, we received word of a somewhat unusual Motorola product: a 6-inch Android tablet tablet known as the Corvair, which was designed for controlling cable TV set-top boxes. We've heard scarcely a word about it since, but Engadget just received an image from a tipster showing off a "FiOS Companion" Android Tablet — AKA the Motorola Corvair that we saw back in November. The image itself comes from a survey where the respondent was asked to evaluate the tablet, which "may be available in the future." The included rendering matches what we saw earlier, and shows off a customer Verizon-branded UI. From the sound of things, this Wi-Fi tablet will run standard Android apps as well as universal remote features; it'll also include the ability to stream a select group of TV channels. Overall, details are pretty minimal and there's no indication if or when this tablet might hit the market, but it seems as if the Motorola Corvair hasn't been completely forgotten.