Garmin has unveiled updates to its Navigon and StreetPilot Onboard apps with two features geared toward city landscapes. The company's new Urban Guidance tool provides detailed information on public transportation routes, while its Last Mile feature is designed to help pedestrians park and locate their cars.

Urban Guidance integrates bus, train, tram, and water taxi routes into Garmin's apps, as well as information on necessary transfers for a given itinerary. Public transit routes will also be color coded according to each city's maps, making it easier for users to better orient themselves at a given stop. This feature will be added to StreetPilot Onboard for iPhone, and the Navigon app for both iOS and Android.

Last Mile, meanwhile, identifies any parking locations near a user's destination. After the car is parked, the tool will automatically record its position before switching into pedestrian mode, allowing users to navigate to their final destination and easily locate their car on the way back. This function is already available on the Navigon Android app, and will now be added to its iPhone counterpart, as well. It won't, however, be available on the StreetPilot iPhone app.

The company also announced that Panorama View 3D and Google Street View — already available on Navigon for iPhone and Android — will be added to StreetPilot Onboard for iPhone, as well. All updates will be available sometime this fall, with Panorama View 3D priced at $9.99 and Urban Guidance at $2.99 for the first two weeks, before jumping up to $4.99 as an in-app purchase.