In addition to laying the groundwork for ISIS NFC payments, T-Mobile's update to the Samsung Galaxy S II included a significant yet unpublicized change to Android 4.0.3 — the removal of universal search. Like the update the provider issued to the Galaxy S III earlier this month, the feature is believed to have been removed in an attempt to avoid an injunction prohibiting its import and sale as part of ongoing patent disputes with Apple. As Android Police reports, the update has preserves the ability to initiate web searches, but omits all localized results.

In July, Apple was awarded a temporary ban on sales of the Galaxy Nexus on claims that the device violated its patents with regards to unified search functionality. Since that time, Sprint, AT&T, and other international carriers have removed the feature as a precautionary measure. While some carriers have opted to add the feature back in subsequent updates, T-Mobile may not feel quite as adventurous.