Tell Us About The Games That Only You Seem to Play!

So! Orcs Must Die 2 DLC just hit today, and I'm all pumped, because Orcs Must Die 2 is currently my pick for Game of the Year, as insane as that sounds... aaaaand then I realized that Salias and I are the only Polynauts I am aware of who own Orcs Must Die 2. Over on GAF, someone posted the list of games currently being on Steam the other day, and OMD2 was fairly low... but Payday: The Heist was even lower.

Now, I have this suspicion that there isn't a single game I enjoy cooping more than Payday: The Heist. Mangs, I love it so much you don't even know. The game is fun, it requires intelligence, it constantly surprises me, and it's basically what Left 4 Dead would be if Left 4 Dead had an appropriate price point, far more missions, and no stupid melee stuff. I am pretty glad to see that over twenty of my Steam friends own Payday, but that means two thirds of my friends don't own it. Plus, I've got twice the level that my friends do, partly because I've owned it the longest and because I'm constantly getting people to pick it up.

So those games frustrate me, because I wish more of my friends played 'em. I'd love to do some co-op on Payday with people, and I have a blast trying to raise my score in Orcs Must Die 2 so I can top my Steam friends on the leaderboards.

What about you? Surely I'm not the only guy who feels this way.

What games do you play and love that it feels like no one else is playing? This is your chance to evangelize! Tell us why we should play the games we're not playing. If this thread goes as planned, a lot of us are going to discover a lot of really cool games we had no idea we should even be paying attention to. Sell me on something awesome, guys.